CUB SCOUT PACK 39 Riverview, FL
How Can I Help?
Our Pack is an all-volunteer organization and it takes everyone's help in order to make this a successful adventure for your child!

There are many ways that you, as a parent, can help within the Den and Pack levels. We are always in need of volunteers to help organize events throughout the year, not to mention activities that occur within your son's den. There is a Family Talent Survey Form available online or ask any Leader to obtain one; simply fill it out and give it to your son's den leader or any one of our other leaders. If you have any other skills (i.e. woodworking) or contacts (i.e. donations) which would be helpful for the Pack, we would love to hear about it!

Please feel free to email the Pack and Den Leaders through our Contact Us page at any time. Also, the Pack holds a Leader's Meeting once a month and we encourage all parents to attend!

We appreciate any and all help our parents can give; in the end, it's all about making Cub Scouts a fun and educational experience for your child!